Qleen Qoat Robotic Coating

Qleen Qoat Robotic Coating

Protect the finish of your robot, and give your customer the confidence that they are operating a clean system!

Quest Industrial has spent over a decade in the food industry.  We have seen the stresses that a robotic finish must endure in these environments.  So we embarked on a quest to develop a better solution – one that could be added after the robot has been assembled.

For over 5 years Quest Industrial has been using its own specially formulated Qleen Qoat Robotic Coating to reduce the environmental degradation that typically happens to stock robot coatings when exposed to the rigors of food industry cleaning practices.

This system uses several different polymers that help resist damage from cleaning processes that use strong acids, bases, etc.  This coating, paired with our suggested cleaning method, not only protects the finish, but also gives the robot a bright, quality sheen.  The end user gains the comfort of knowing they are running a clean system.

Quest has provided Qleen Qoat Robotic Coating to customers from a variety of different industries – all with great success!

5-Step Process. Approximately 3 weeks to complete.

  • Prep the current robotic arm finish to accept the coating, including fasteners
  • Apply the first step coat.  Cure time of approximately 5 -7 days
  • Apply the second coat. Cure time of approximately 5 days
  • Apply the third step coat system. Cure time of approximately 5 days
  • Final sealing of the system including all fastener heads and other areas