Robotic Tray Forming Systems

One of the first projects the team at Quest Industrial completed was case erecting. Our company was the first robotic integrator to erect cases and boxes with a robot. To further our corrugated cardboard manipulation, we started picking corrugated cardboard off pallets – something we have been doing successfully for years. Recently, we added yet another form of Custom Robotic Tray Forming to our standard line of products. However, every Robotic Tray Forming System is designed and customized for each customer and their needs.

This system is unlike any other as its tray forming takes custom tray forming to a new level of reliable automation. Tray speeds are wide and varied, anywhere from 2 trays a minute on highly complex trays to 80 trays per minute on less complex trays. Quest’s Robotic Tray Forming Systems can handle tray sizes from 4″ x 4″x 1″ all the way up to 24″ x 18″ x 8″. If you have a need for trays from cups to produce we have a solution for you!