• Quest Qleen Line Pallet Conveyor

Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyors

Quest Industrial has a full line of Washdown Rated Pallet
Conveyors to fit a wide range of applications.

Quest Industrial’s Engineers have designed some of the toughest washdown rated pallet conveyors available. We make our pallet conveyors in house. This allows us to keep quality standards high and if specific changes are needed on your pallet conveyors for your plants needs, we don’t try to fit you into a cookie cutter size, we can adjust the design of the pallet conveyors to fit your products and needs.

Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyor Specifications

Pallet Conveyor Capacity:
The Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyors can move load capacities up to 4,000lbs

Pallet Conveyor Construction:
All of our Pallet Conveyors are made of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel formed and welded construction

Finish of the Pallet Conveyors:
Raw Stainless, polished, and matte finishes are used to make sanitizing the Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyor system quick and easy

Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyor Drive Line:
We use a cleanable style link belt, with direct shaft mount gear box and motor for years of reliable service for your Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor Lengths:
Pallet Conveyors come at a standard 5 foot length, but are customizable from 3 feet all the way up to 100 feet with modular sectional additions

Height Range of Pallet Conveyors:
Minimum Height: 12 inch to TOB (Top of Belt)
Maximum Height: None
Standard height adjustability is +/- 1inch

Pallet Conveyor Controls:
Quest has integrated controls packages that range from standalone conveyance to fully accumulating pallet conveyors. This system can be integrated with machines and /or operators.

Weight Management of Our Pallet Conveyors:
Quest also has integrated weight scale systems that are integrated into the pallet conveyor system to output data values of tared weight, gross weight, and or weight verification.


Standard Configurations of Qleen-Line Pallet Conveyors:

• Linked Belt Flat Top Pallet Conveyor
• Double Stringer Pallet Conveyor
• Triple Stringer Pallet Conveyor
• Pop-Up Pallet Transfer Configuration
• Weight Scale Pallet Configuration

*Ask about our numerous
customization options

Quest Qleen Line Pallet Conveyor Insets