Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV)

AUTONOMOUS – the right choice!!

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV)
Quest is proud to introduce the Grand Unveiling of our newest line of equipment: THE INTELLIGENT AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE or what we call our IAV. The Quest IAV provides an optimal price and configurations tailored to keep your Product Handling needs hands free.

  • Payload Capacity: 5 – 5,000 lb
  • Speed Capacity: Up to 1.3 Meters per Second
  • Autonomously Guided, no Wires or Tape on the floor
  • Overall Reduced Cost than traditional labor-intensive methods
  • Many Configurations: Conveyance, Shelving, Fork Lift, Clamps, Forms, Mobile Robotics, Truck Loading/Unloading
  • Flexible Factory and Warehouse automation
  • Foot Prints starting from 24” x 24” and up
  • Dynamic Driving with Tight Turning, Parallel, Perpendicular, Crabwalk and Zero Turn Movements
  • Sloped Floors are no problem, Capable of 17% Grades with available Auto Leveling features
  • Designed and Fabricated for the Harshest Environmental Conditions from ip57 to complete Washdown ratings
  • Full HMI with Intelligent mapping, Dynamic Safeties, Wireless Communications, Diagnostics and WMS interfacing
  • Quick Change Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries with up to 8 hours of Operating Life