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ProMach acquires Quest Industrial

ProMach Strengthens Robotics Integration Capabilities with Acquisition of Quest Industrial Deal expands ProMach’s growing robotics and integrated solutions portfolio and enhances robotic service capabilities across multiple markets CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 15, 2019 – ProMach, a worldwide leader in packaging machinery solutions, announced today it has acquired Quest Industrial, a leading provider of robotic integration solutions. The addition of Wisconsin-based Quest expands ProMach’s capacity for sophisticated robotics projects, enhances ProMach’s robust robotics support competencies, and strengthens its integrated solutions capabilities for a wide range of applications. Quest, founded in 2001, is a full-service robotic integrator that specializes in automation solutions across food, beverage, plastics, metal, and other industries needing to automate, better utilize floor space, and improve the flexibility of their production lines. Quest has a strong expertise within the food industry, with leading solutions for dairy, produce, and other markets installed across North America and beyond. Their unique robotic solutions include applications in pick and place, cup filling, knife cutting, vacuum sealing, case erecting, tray forming, palletizing, vision and verification systems, and much more, including bundling multiple application technologies into a single robotic packaging cell. Quest systems are capable of direct food contact with USDA compliant and wash down designs. “We’re excited to welcome the Quest team to ProMach,” says Mark Anderson, ProMach President and CEO. “Robotics has been a strong growth engine for ProMach recently, with significant double-digit growth over the last few years, driven by customers looking to add automation, flexibility, consistency, and more to their packaging lines. Quest is a high integrity team with a well-earned reputation for designing, fabricating, delivering, and supporting robotic cells to customers across a range of industries.” Quest is an award-winning FANUC Authorized System Integrator and Certified [...]

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Interest continues to grow in Quest Industrial’s IAV.

December 10, 2018 - Monroe, WI Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV) In the spring of 2018, Quest Industrial revealed to the world the first wash-down rated Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle.  The IAV, as it is commonly called,  has drawn the attention of several industry leaders.   With a payload up to 5,000 lbs., the IAV has a drive unit capable of transporting most anything within a traditional industry setting.  Focused upon the food and beverage industry, the design team adhered to strict sanitation standards, as well as, tackled a variety of other operational concerns; like being able to operate in confined spaces and needing to maneuver on sloped surfaces. Engineered to be intelligent, the IAV offers a full HMI with intelligent mapping, dynamic safeties, wireless communications and diagnostic capabilities. Quest’s IAV has the ability to self-maneuver in multiple directions on graded floors due to its dynamic driving capabilities. Powered by lithium polymer batteries, the Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle is capable of operation for up to eight hours before a recharge is needed. Albeit the first-generation, the IAV has business heads vying for the advancement of autonomous systems within their facilities. The IAV's pallet handling design, as seen in the pictures below, is currently undergoing beta testing, and the soon-to-be developed fork-lift version looks to hit the market in 2019. For more information, contact Quest Industrial’s sales department at (608) 325-5850 /     

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The robotics industry continues to grow and that means growth at Quest Industrial:  WE’RE HIRING!!

If you want an opportunity to work with cutting edge robotic technology in a family like atmosphere; then read on.   Quest Industrial is a Monroe, WI based company that is known not only for its standard line of food grade equipment, but also for its innovations in food, dairy, plastic and durable goods.  Quest Industrial has continually been in the forefront of innovations in industry, which has led our team to an award winning reputation.                  Want a chance to work for one of the top 10 Robotics Technology Solutions Provider? Industrial automation is growing by leaps and bounds.  Since 2001, Quest Industrial has been on the cutting edge of automation technology.  As manufacturing demands increase, so too does the need for quality built automated equipment.  To fill this need Quest Industrial employees some of the best engineers and finest craftsman in the industry.  Currently employing 26, Quest looks to add another 5 to 10 talented employees in the next year.  Working in a high tech industry that embrace customers who operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a challenging task. It takes a very strong work ethic and a high-level of talent to work in the automation field. There are many companies that integrate industrial equipment, but very few have the family-orientated atmosphere coupled with the innovations and cutting edge technology that you’ll find at Quest Industrial. More than 250,000 robots are currently operating in U.S. factories.   While the robots tend to absorb low-skilled tasks, the demand for highly-skilled technicians to manage the robots is on the rise.  To work in the automation field, one must have a basic understanding of robotics and automation, [...]

The robotics industry continues to grow and that means growth at Quest Industrial:  WE’RE HIRING!!2019-04-18T14:10:55+00:00

Quest Industrial To Exhibit & Present at the 2017 ProFood Tech Show in Chicago

The Quest Industrial team will be exhibiting at the 2017 ProFood Tech Show coming up, quickly, in Chicago during April 4th – 6th and we are excited! We will be showcasing our brand new version of the Boxed-Bot with a pallet dispenser built right in to the equipment. Quest’s engineers understood that the traditional pallet dispensers can get bulky which makes the palletizing cell larger than what most plants’ size can accommodate, so they designed the dispenser to go under the palletizing robot to keep the cell efficient and compact. However, to display one of our favorite tasks to automate, the Quest Industrial team will retrofit this new Boxed-Bot to Tote Load so you can see our award winning designs in action. Quest’s Robotic Tote Loading systems can pick from 5 pieces up to 80 pieces per minute, with a compact footprint starting at 12’x12’. All of our systems are proven and can be designed and built for washdown environments, but each is customizable to your needs. Whether you need to pick 1 or 2 pieces at a time, to accommodate for rates, we have the tooling to do it and if we don’t, we will design one just for you! Make sure to add Quest Industrial, Booth #2932, to your ProFood Tech Agenda and speak with one of our Robotic Experts. Wonder what else we are up to? Then don’t miss Don Wickstrum, Quest Industrial’s President & Owner, presenting at the ProFood Tech Innovation Stage on Wednesday, April 5th at 11:30am to learn about Filling Your Labor Shortage with Robotic Automation. Finding reliable labor is proving to be a difficult task, but Quest Industrial’s Engineers have listed to your needs. They developed several pieces [...]

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Encouraging The Future Workforce to Learn About Robotics

  Before Christmas, some of the Quest Industrial team had the opportunity to help install a robotic cell at the New Glarus High School in Wisconsin, just a short 20 minute drive from Quest Industrial Headquarters. The New Glarus School District was one of several applicants who inquired about a robot donation from Quest Industrial. Because of the enthusiasm, drive, and passion Dr. Thayer, Superintendent of the New Glarus School District, and Mr. Mihm, the Technology Education Teacher, expressed for having this cutting edge technology, their school was chosen. They were willing to make the project happen by pulling in the resources needed to help make the donation successful.  While installing the donated robotic cell, many of the teachers, including Mr. Mihm and Dr. Thayer, were so appreciative and filled with excitement because of what the robotic cell means for the current and future students of the school. Dr. Thayer, Mr. Mihm, and the New Glarus School District have a vision for where the jobs will be for the future workforce and they want to see these young adults succeed. The team was also able to speak with several interested students about working in robotics and what type of jobs are available at a robotic integration company. They discussed, mechanical engineering - the engineers who design the End of Arm Tooling for the robots and the peripheral equipment or automation that helps the robot perform its task, robotic engineering - the engineering and thought process of writing and developing code for the robots to make sure it can do its job correctly, efficiently, and repetitively, electrical engineering - the engineers who design electrical schematics and the layout of the cables so that the [...]

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Beyond PACK Expo & Finding the Right Robotic Integrator

PACK Expo is a great place to explore new products, connect with potential vendors, and just see what is going on in the packaging world on several different fronts. Although this show is one of the largest gatherings in the country for packaging, there might have been a void in the particular area you were researching. Even though Quest Industrial didn’t exhibit at PACK Expo this year, we have been making great strides with automation in general. If you liked what you saw at PACK Expo, but are still looking for new or other ideas regarding automation equipment or robotic automation equipment, Quest has the solution. Don’t worry - what was at PACK Expo isn’t all that is out there. The Robotic Automation Experts of Quest Industrial have been modifying, perfecting, and analyzing their designs and have released new products  this year such as the Quik Pick & Pack Plus, a modular pick and pack or pick and place robotic cell with speeds of up to 400 pieces a minute designed specifically for washdown environments. We have also worked closely with FANUC to help with the design of new washdown robots. Additionally, we have helped develop the new 3-A standards for robotics in food, protecting our current customers as well as future clients and their customers, by holding robotic automation standards high so everyone stays safe. Our engineers are working diligently to release more standard products in the next year, which we will announce at a later time.   Quest Industrial’s team walked the floor of PACK Expo this week and saw a lot of very interesting pieces of equipment. However, we couldn’t ignore that there were at least 5 imitations of our Boxed-Bot – [...]

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What Our Customers Expect in Robotics: Productivity and Hygienic Design for Robotic Automation

Quest Industrial strives to provide the total automated robotic system that is designed for wash-down applications. By providing unique robotic and automation solutions that are able to withstand the actual process solutions as well as the wash-down chemicals and procedures within a food plant all while holding up the large temperature swings, Quest has been able to become the nation’s largest direct cheese handling robotic integrator. Quest’s engineers have made huge strides in innovating robotic end of arm tooling and they now offer several types of food safe toolings. The vast experience working with the WDA, 3-A, and USDA has led us to develop tooling that is not only food safe, but is very reliable and easy to clean. One EOAT product line Quest offers, uses vacuum to pick the product with the use of NO external vacuum sources, generators, or vacuum pumps. This means no holes or tubes to clean, saving your plant time and money. Furthermore, Quest understands that customers have expectations. Owners of plants want more production, hygienic design but efficient, a reduction in cleaning time, a full understanding of the robot as well as a reduction in customer extraneous complaints. One of Quest’s customers stated, “We needed a system that will not only perform the tasks we are asking of it, but also do so with greater ease. All of this while meeting our food safety initiatives. With ever increasing need to produce more while reducing costs, quality issues, and while increasing food safety, our automation must not only be cleanable and hygienic, but reliable and faster.” As stated previously, Quest offers the total system design capable of being in a wash-down environment. Quest Industrial provides unique robotic and automation solutions [...]

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FANUC’s CR-35iA Collaborative Industrial Robot

We Would Like to Introduce You to... FANUC's CR-35iA, the first collaborative industrial robot that is capable of lifting a 35kg or about a 77lb payload! The CR-35iA was designed to safely work alongside people without the need for fencing or other hard barriers. This unique green collaborative robot holds highly sensitive contact sensing technology and it would smoothly stop if it were to come into contact with a person while it is working. The outer green cover is soft and helps reduce the impact of forces and pinch points by creating a soft barrier between the robot arm and the operator. The highly sensitive robot arm has been awarded with the International Standard 10218-1:2011 Safety Certification to give you complete confidence that your operators will be safe while working alongside the CR-35iA.     Not only is this gentle green giant safe, but it is hardy and very reliable. The CR-35iA is capable of working in environments ranging from 32° F to about 110° F and is able to travel up to speeds of 2.46 feet/second and 10" per second when Contact Stop is active. Do not worry, this robot can be ordered with FANUC's state-of-the-art vision system, so you know it will be highly repeatable and accurate. What could you do with the CR-35iA or, as we like to call it, the Green Helping Machine? If you would like to learn more or have questions, please contact us at or call 608-325-5850 and one of our robotic specialists would be more than happy to discuss those.

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Innovation in Direct Food Contact Robotics

Quest Industrial is continuously working to develop innovative robotic and automation products and systems that are lighter, easier to clean and more effective for the food industry. Don Wickstrum, President and Owner of Quest Industrial, gave a presentation where he stated, “We have spent more money in developing innovations than we made in profits each year since we opened, and have spent over a decade to bring them to market in an effective manner.” The robotic experts at Quest Industrial have developed several robotic solutions including specialized coating and protection system for robotic arms, direct food safe end of arm toolings or EOAT, and several innovations in robotic ultrasonic cutting and robotics processes in general. Mr. Wickstrum said, “Fanuc Robotic Arms coupled with our systems has made us the only company that has direct contact food lines for cheese from brine to warehousing which have been approved after installation by both the WDA and USDA.” Furthermore, Quest’s specialists have designed several complete systems that are capable of operating in washdown environments.” The engineers at Quest provide unique robotic and automation solutions that are able to withstand the actual process solutions, as well as the washdown chemicals and procedures within a food plant, while holding up in the large temperature swings that many facilities experience. The ability to endure the tough requirements of food environments and increase food safety, Quest Industrial’s robotic coating takes the robots to an IP69 or better rating for protection against harsh environments. Quest’s coating greatly reduces the hazards of contamination that is found to happen with stock epoxies and paint. As stated previously, Quest Industrial’s robotic specialists have developed and are continuing to develop several innovations in Robotic End of Arm [...]

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President & Owner of Quest Industrial, Don Wickstrum, to Present at the 2015 International Dairy Show

Don Wickstrum has been chosen, out of 100's of applicants, to present at the 2015 International Dairy Show at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. His topic will be, “How to Evaluate Your Plant and Process for Robotic Automation” and will discuss getting ready for robotic automation. Robotic Automation is merging as one of the fastest growing automation plant improvements in the last five years. Robotic automation allows a plant to be flexible and reliable all while operating at lower overhead costs. However, putting in robotics isn't as easy as ordering up a cell and placing it within the plant's system. There are many considerations that need to happen to make sure that the best area in the plant is indeed being automated. Don Wickstrum, Owner & President of Quest Industrial will thoroughly explain the first steps in preparing a plant for robotic automation. Don will discuss what considerations need to be thought of, benefit factors from robotic automation, preparing staff members for robotic automation, gathering information for the decision making process & choosing an integrator, and with how to properly plan for the project. Once these concepts are grasped, the sky is the limit & the project will be more than successful. Because Robotic Automation can be a daunting task, Don Wickstrum will cover the five steps to help prepare managers for robotic automation integration. The first objective will be the considerations that need to be thought of when looking to automate. Secondly, what are the benefit factors from robotic automation. Thirdly, preparing staff members for robotic automation. Next, gathering information for the decision making process and choosing an integrator. Lastly, how to properly plan for the project. If this topic has sparked your [...]

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