PACK Expo is a great place to explore new products, connect with potential vendors, and just see what is going on in the packaging world on several different fronts. Although this show is one of the largest gatherings in the country for packaging, there might have been a void in the particular area you were researching. Even though Quest Industrial didn’t exhibit at PACK Expo this year, we have been making great strides with automation in general. If you liked what you saw at PACK Expo, but are still looking for new or other ideas regarding automation equipment or robotic automation equipment, Quest has the solution. Don’t worry – what was at PACK Expo isn’t all that is out there.

Quick Pick PackThe Robotic Automation Experts of Quest Industrial have been modifying, perfecting, and analyzing their designs and have released new products  this year such as the Quik Pick & Pack Plus, a modular pick and pack or pick and place robotic cell with speeds of up to 400 pieces a minute designed specifically for washdown environments. We have also worked closely with FANUC to help with the design of new washdown robots. Additionally, we have helped develop the new 3-A standards for robotics in food, protecting our current customers as well as future clients and their customers, by holding robotic automation standards high so everyone stays safe. Our engineers are working diligently to release more standard products in the next year, which we will announce at a later time.



Quest Industrial’s team walked the floor of PACK Expo this week and saw a lot of very interesting pieces of equipment. However, we couldn’t ignore that there were at least 5 imitations of our Boxed-Bot – the now, ORIGINAL, fully functional compact robotic palletizer. We watched these other palletizers and noticed that not one got the whole concept right. Some claimed to have a specialized HMI, but ours is truly drag and drop or click and drag. Don’t work with the copies of our equipment, but get the original fully functional compact robotic palletizer, Boxed-Bot, which has been proven in the field coming up on 4 years.

Our Robotic Automation Experts take pride in their designs and want you to get exactly what you are expecting.  We value the relationships we have with our customers and enjoy getting to know their teams and how they work, so we can assist in the correct way when that time comes. Let us help you fill your labor and automation gap by contacting one of our experts at or call 608-325-5850 and let us know what type of automation you are interested in or need. It would be our pleasure to meet at your facilities so we can see your process first hand, or come to ours and meet our team. Ask us what robotic automation can do for your plant!