We feel that Oscar Wilde got it right when he said,
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Boxed Bot

Quest Industrial’s Boxed-Bot is the original space saving fully functional robotic palletizer of its kind. Not only is the footprint of our Boxed-Bot smaller, less than 8′ x 10′ – effortlessly fitting into a standard truck, its software is more user friendly and technologically-intuitive than other robotic palletizers of its kind. The QBOX pallet Building Software from GOT-BOT.COM not only allows operators to design and produce exact pallet patterns quickly and easily, but allows for on the fly changes to box sizes and patterns; both of these allowing for easy change over from product to product. Just click and drag to change box or bag patterns and sizes, even rotate or flip layers, change box length, width and height, and even adjust pallet sizes or types or let QBOX do the work for you by creating its own most efficient pallet usage patterns based off of your products dimensions. Boxed-Bot has enough memory to hold all of your customers’ pallet patterns – all you have to do is select the program you want the robotic palletizer to run and it will! The Boxed-Bot is incredibly versatile because it is able to switch from one product type to another with just the press of a button. If you are worried about label location, Boxed-Bot’s QBOX software will account for label out or in orientations, if needed. Companies no longer need to bring in expensive and experienced robotic programmers, saving time and money. Our software is so easy to use and understand that training takes an average of 15 minutes and your operators will be creating pallet patterns in no time at all!

Since Boxed-Bot is a robotic palletizer on a skid based system, installation time is minimal, allowing your equipment to work for you immediately. Need other features, such as a slip sheet dispenser? No worries, we have you covered. You can easily pair our Boxed-Bot with our slip sheet and pallet dispenser combo, exit conveyors, and shrink wrapper or binder if needed. With our Boxed-Bot you don’t pay for any of the additional add-ons you don’t need. Additionally, we have over 300 different end of arm toolings or EOATs that we can use to pick your product. We customize each Boxed-Bot to our customers’ needs, whether you need to pick bags, boxes, blocks and dunnage – if it is 100lbs or less and needs to be palletized, Boxed-Bot can do it! Depending on product type, weight, and size, Boxed-Bot will pick up to 40 units per minute.

Because we work so closely with the Diary Industry, we can make your Boxed-Bot washdown rated with 304 stainless steel and USDA compliant materials or have your Mild Steel Boxed-Bot finished in matte or powder coating for incidental water contact or high-moisture environments. We also care about the safety of your operators. Utilizing FANUC’s Dual Check Safeties, or DCS, and state-of-the-art safety controls we are able to shrink the robots work envelope while maintaining strict safety regulations. With its value added features and ease of use our customers are seeing record breaking ROI’s! So don’t accept cheaper imitations of our Boxed-Bot and QBOX technology. The ORIGINAL Boxed-Bot is sturdier, faster, smaller, safer, smarter, and more reliable than other palletizers of its kind.

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