Don Wickstrum has been chosen, out of 100’s of applicants, to present at the 2015 International Dairy Show at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. His topic will be, “How to Evaluate Your Plant and Process for Robotic Automation” and will discuss getting ready for robotic automation. Robotic Automation is merging as one of the fastest growing automation plant improvements in the last five years. Robotic automation allows a plant to be flexible and reliable all while operating at lower overhead costs. However, putting in robotics isn’t as easy as ordering up a cell and placing it within
the plant’s system. There are many considerations that need to happen to make sure that the best area in the plant is indeed being automated. Don
Wickstrum, Owner & President of Quest Industrial will thoroughly explain the first steps in preparing a plant for robotic automation. Don will discuss
what considerations need to be thought of, benefit factors from robotic automation, preparing staff members for robotic automation, gathering information for the decision making process & choosing an integrator, and with how to properly plan for the project. Once these concepts are grasped, the sky is the limit & the project will be more than successful.

Because Robotic Automation can be a daunting task, Don Wickstrum will cover the five steps to help prepare managers for robotic automation integration. The first objective will be the considerations that need to be thought of when looking to automate. Secondly, what are the benefit factors from robotic automation. Thirdly, preparing staff members for robotic automation. Next, gathering information for the decision making process and choosing an integrator. Lastly, how to properly plan for the project.

If this topic has sparked your interest and you or someone you know would like to attend the International Dairy Show, please request a free registration Here. Don will be speaking Wednesday, September 16, 2015 from 3:00PM – 3:30PM in Room: iDairyShow Theater, Booth 9413 at the 2015 International Dairy Show held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. He will have a few minutes for questions, however, if he is unable to answer all of the questions from the audience during that time, please visit him at the Quest Industrial booth #7661 to discuss your questions in more detail. If you are unable to make the presentation, but are still interested in speaking with Don during the show, please schedule an appointment with him by emailing

Don Wickstrum is the Owner and President of Quest Industrial LLC, an established and experienced robotic integration firm based out of Monroe, Wisconsin. Don founded Quest 14 years ago, utilizing his Industrial Engineering degree, all while working two jobs and starting a family. Dedication and hard work are character traits that have been instilled in Don’s 20 employees and are the backbone of Quest Industrial’s success; now in three countries and over 28 states, the team from Quest helps companies set new production standards and break records every day while earning, on average, an ROI within two years. Don and his team have received several awards for their products and advancements in technology that have helped businesses to fully understand what it means to integrate innovation with industry. Quest is one of 17 certified Fanuc vision specialists in the nation and was recognized during the 2013 International Dairy Show for the Pro Pick Pack – which won one of the Sustainability Innovation Awards. Don challenges his engineers to always be looking for new and better ways to design and implement their robotic automation projects, which is why Quest is the United States’ leading integrator for direct cheese handling.

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