The team at Quest Industrial has had a very busy first half of the year. Not only have they been out in the field with customers, but they have been
involved in numerous school demonstrations and tours.
First, Quest visited the New Glarus High School where the specialists were able to speak to over 100 youth about Robotics, the various careers that are available in the industry, and give a live demonstration of a Funuc LR Mate. Our specialists were so excited to be able to speak to youth who were
interested in the industry where they could share their passion for robotics. Don Wickstrum, Owner of Quest Industrial said, “We greatly appreciate being invited to a school where they are really letting kids explore numerous avenues within the Robotics Industry. The New Glarus school district has done a great job with recognizing where the future is going and has capitalized on that by bringing in businesses around the area that specialize in technically advanced industries.” If Quest is able to help one student find their passion in life by directing them closer and guiding them to the right schools, classes, and people, every second is worth every penny.

Next, Quest hosted a large group of men from the Monroe Behring Senior Center. Two specialists gave these gentlemen a tour of the facility during which a demonstration was given of the Boxed-Bot where the specialists taught about robotics, safeties, programming and gave an overview of the history that surrounds Quest Industrial. At the end of tour, the gentlemen were so appreciative and were excited about what they had learned was in their backyard for more than 10 years! Our specialists found that a handful of the men previously worked with robots and in just the few years that these men had retired from their positions how far the technology has come and were very impressed with the innovations that Quest has come up with to improve Human Machine Interface. Boxed-Bot is a one line in, one line out robotic palletizing cell that has the most technologically advanced HMI available, with the ability to change pallet and product size, orientation and pattern all within the Q-Box software that was designed by Quest Industrial’s Programming Engineers.

The last event that the Quest Industrial team participated in was a demonstration at St. Victors School, here in Monroe. The team gave two different
presentations, one geared towards younger students and the second geared towards the older students. It was during the first presentation that the Long Arm Fanuc LR Mate was named – French Fry. It was an honor for the team to be invited, but as the day went on, they came to find out that this event had been highly sought after for about two years. Don Wickstrum was able to speak about starting the business, learning how to program robots and how he developed a team to help him get projects completed. Videos were shown giving the youth a brief look into what a robot really does and how the programming engineers make them function. Not only did the kids have fun learning about the movements of the robots, explained as joints in an arm, but one of Quest’s programming engineers was able to demonstrate those exact movements while the kids were learning, finding that he could make “French Fry” move in very weird positions for an “Arm.” It was a very fun day for all and the Quest Industrial team looks forward to more demonstrations and tours in the future.