Quest Industrial Monroe, WIQuest Industrial New Facility

Quest Industrial began operation out of their new facility this past month of December 2013.  The team was overjoyed as well as the owners, Don and Mary Wickstrum.  The new building is 24,000 square feet and is the most energy efficient building in Monroe and Green County.  Don Wickstrum said, “There is room for us to grow now, before we were on top of each other, but we will be able to be more efficient and productive because everyone will be under one roof and we now have adequate space to complete our projects.”  It has been an interesting road for the Quest Industrial team, but they are excited for what is to come and the changes involved with the whole process.

It has been fun for those in the community, to stop out every once in while, to see the progress being made. Quest Industrial has held parties for their employees and have had many visitors to see the new building, along with the addition of three new employees to the team.  Quest is growing and will continue to in the years ahead.  Don, Mary and the team from Quest Industrial would like to thank everyone who has helped plan, build and finish the new facility as well as those who have helped the team transition into the new building and those who have been patient with Quest Industrial as they have gotten fully moved over.

Quest will announce an open house soon, but will be waiting for warmer weather as there may be some special events taking place at the celebration.