Quest Industrial LLC is pleased to announce it has received the Fanuc Robotics 2011 Innovation Award. This award recognizes the innovations of Robotic Integrators and the technology they have developed. Quest Industrial attended the 13th Annual Fanuc Robotics Integrators Conference, held in Orlando Florida, where they received the award. This award is “not based on numbers, but based on innovations that have impacted the robotic technology field, which make advances in opening new opportunities for Robots to be used,” said Ed Rooney of Fanuc Robotics NA as he talked to a packed house. Quest was given the honor due to the cutting edge innovations that have been developed for the diverse markets they serve. “This is only the second time this award has been given out, it’s quite an honor that our team has been selected among our peers, professionals, and experts! It’s a real testament to the amount of teamwork and pride everyone at Quest Industrial has!” said owner Don Wickstrum. “It’s just the mindset we have at Quest, we are always looking at how we can make things better,” commented Adam Nelson, one of the managers from Quest Industrial LLC in attendance. Quest Industrial specializes in robotics that perform a wide array of functions that include cutting cheese and using vision to sort automotive parts. “The guys and gals I work with at Quest Industrial really are the reason we accomplished this amazing achievement. We have always felt that we cannot sit still; we must always be aware of what our customers need to be successful, and find a way to meet that need. I am really proud of our group. It really is a dream job to work with the caliber of people whom are at Quest, and to do so while developing new robotic technology, ” says Wickstrum.